Basics of Voluntarism

Voluntarism/Anarcho-Capitalism are based off of two basic principles. One is the axiom of Self-Ownership and the other is the Non-Aggression Principle. All else follows from these and thus allows for a free society, a society that is based off voluntary interaction and lacks coercion.

Axiom of Self-Ownership-

To keep this short this axiom merely states that only you are in control of your body and therefor you are the only owner of said body. Since no one else can maintain control over the actions of your body no one can claim ownership over it. You control your body you own it and thus follows no one has the right to impede your use over your body.

Non-Aggression Principle-

The Non-Aggression Principle follows the axiom laid out above. Since you have the absolute control over your body you may use it however you wish. This holds true for any action unless that action or threat of action impedes on the ability for someone else to use their body. You cannot coerce someone to do something through force or the threat of force.

Live and let live.

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