Tuesday, November 13, 2012

State Secession? No, Individual Secession.

In wake of all the commotion about having individual states secede from the union to stop the great evils of the Federal Government, I think many are completely missing the point and the history that goes along with it.

I disagree with those that call sympathizers of state secession foolish or traitors. It should be obvious that secession is as American as apple pie is. It should be obvious that the Founding Fathers of this country seceded from a tyrannical monarchy. In a sense those who want to rip off the hands of the Federal Government are in original terms true Patriots.

This is where my sympathy for "pro-secessionists" stops.

It is not because I believe we shouldn't rip off the hands of the Federal Government. It is not because I believe the Federal Government isn't doing its "job". It is most certainly not because I believe we don't need a Federal Government to live our lives.

You surely shouldn't be surprised when I say my sympathy stops because those who favor secession merely want to replace one form of government with another. Sure, the intentions are all well and good but what has history shown us?

The Founding Fathers wanted to replace a tyrannical Monarchy with a "limited government" in order to safeguard the liberties of the citizens in the new territories. This was done with The Articles of Confederation and then ultimately the Constitution. These intentions were all well and good as well, but one very important problem was never really curtailed from the beginning. This is the issuance of power by one class of individuals (politicians, presidents, judges) over another class of individuals (not politicians, presidents, judges).

The Constitution didn't limit any powers a Federal Government could have over us it CREATED the powers it could have over individuals without the consent of individuals. These powers, however limited their intentions, have ultimately led us to where we are now and our disgust of the Federal Government.

Ending the rant about the Federal Government our own American history has shown the path the secessionists are eventually to follow. For if they were to successfully secede from the Union and create a new "limited government" history will repeat itself.

The process of creating a new government will not fix problems. It's a common saying that government doesn't fix problems it creates them. You can't expect any government to fix social issues, the economy, or anything else for that matter.

Thus the individuals of the states are foolish to believe they have any chance of being more free just by giving a new form of government power. They are foolish to believe creating a separate class, however limited they may wish to believe, to have power over them will not become as tyrannical as the very government they're trying to escape from.

What is my advice to those that promote state secession? Abandon that cause for it is truly futile. Instead promote a different type of secession. A secession that the Federal Government will have much more trouble stopping than it would with state secession. A secession that creates no classes based on power.

Promote secession from all forms of government for individual secession from the State is the only way to obtain a truly free and just world.


  1. I'll take any and all forms of secession; I ain't particular. It's also a mistake to think that history must always repeat itself, over and over, forever. Our ancestors were not yet ready for anarchy 250 years ago. It's much more possible today.

    Anyway this is not something we can control. Whatever is coming, is coming whether we want it or not. Best to stay flexible and be ready to move...

    Sometimes I have to wonder at people getting critical of these secession petitions. Nothing is able to please the critics; nothing satisfies them. There's an old saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

  2. I'll agree with Paul. It matters not whether or which form of state rides at the helm of the misery of the serfs. It's all misery nonetheless.

    Once an individual begins to think of the subjugation as "our" government (be it city, county, state or federal), then whines and moans over "it's" performance, s/he has already been defeated. Just as well lie back, spread your legs, and enjoy being raped.

    I'm a sovereign state. I suppose at some point I must have "seceded", but I couldn't tell you when. It's been a rather slow process. I can be a slow learner -- until the shells begin to explode.

    Last time I voted was 1964 (still had to pay poll tax in Texas). I supported Barry Goldwater. It took me some time to come to understand Goldwater would have made little or no difference in the scheme of things -- that support of state in any manner was defeat of the individual. Sam