Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anarchy isn't the utopia, limited government is.

Many of the objections I come upon when discussing the issues of a free society is that many people believe it's my version of a utopia. This is a nirvana fallacy because they are assuming that I'm assuming all bad that exists in human nature will disappear along with the State. I will always be the first to state that I realize no system is going to get rid of the bad in the world, just that comparing apples to apples a free society would be better suited to deal with the bad than any other type of government.

But what is the actual utopia that many seem to simply overlook? The belief that a government in control of the State apparatus can simply stay "limited" to protecting property rights. Even when there is a piece of paper that "limits" the powers of government, like the Constitution of the United States.

History has shown time and time again that giving power to a centralized government always leads to tyranny over time. The Constitution was violated not 10 years after its ratification with the Alien and Sedition Acts and today is even used to give government more power and take liberty away from individuals.

So who are the ones that truly want to live in a fairy tale land and who are the ones that want to give individuals actual freedom? Who are the ones that that have history to show that society can operate the way we say it will and who are the ones that have history that proves them wrong?

A Voluntary/Anarcho-Capitalist society has no apparatus to strip individuals of freedom only a limited government does.

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