Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why not voting is voting and actually voting isn't voting at all

It always seems that people are pestering other people about voting. Not really caring who you vote for as long as you participate in the voting process. The term civil duty is often used to show that we have some sort of duty to society to vote. Voting is the magic key that is going to better our nation one vote at a time!

But why does it seem that every election cycle, no matter who is on the ballot, nothing really changes for the better? In fact it seems that most things get getting worse and worse. When a Republican is president after his term no one likes him, so he's replaced with a Democrat. When that Democrat's term is over nothing has really changed from the previous administration and no one likes him. So a Republican often replaces him and the cycle continues. Each new President has promised something often to change something from the past administration. It never happens though, history shows this. President Obama promised to eliminate The PATRIOT Act and instead signed the continuation of it and even instituted legislation much worse, the NDAA. He also promised to be laxer on Medical Marijuana dispensaries but under his administration has raided more dispensaries than Bush did in 8 years. Our soldiers were supposed to be brought home but they weren't and are now being moved to even more countries. Don't take this as some kind of love for Republicans because Romney has said he'll take away Obamacare. If he gets presidency will he? Absolutely not. Nothing will change. Your vote means nothing.

So what has your vote done to better America? Absolutely nothing. Instead your vote has legitimatized every bad piece of legislation that has stripped individuals of their freedoms. Your vote has only helped justify our system of injustice.

Can voting ever be good?

In rare circumstances I believe voting can help. This rare circumstance is when you are voting for someone who actually wants to change the status quo, someone who wants to reduce as much of the State as humanly possible. This is when your vote counts. But it seems most people only vote for those who don't really want us to be free men and women.

So don't vote unless there is someone truly worth voting for. Voting for the lesser of two evils is what has gotten us into the constant spiral of voting for the lesser of two evils.

When you don't vote you are truly voting because you are sending a message to those in power. The message that we no longer believe that they have any ability to wield power for the greater good. The message that we are in disgust with what those in power do. The message that truly has power behind it because when you don't vote you are showing that you don't consent to being ruled.

When the populace as a whole no longer consents to being ruled there are no more rulers, there are only individuals deciding peacefully among each other how to live their own lives.

Live freely, don't vote, don't justify the State.

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