Monday, October 1, 2012

Never compromise on principle, ever.

On our journey to reach a system of complete justice as set forth by natural law which is the basis for self-ownership, we never fail to find bumps along the way. It should be obvious as a pragmatic person that the State isn't quite going to cease overnight, within a year, and probably still not within the next couple of decades. Are we to just sit back and accept that the State will have rule over us? Are we to just sit and wait for the "inevitable" collapse of the State? Should we do nothing now to eliminate the over-reaching hands the State commands over us essentially throughout every moment of our lives?

The simple answer is no.

Probably to the disappointment of other believers in Anarcho-Capitalism I have no problem going through the system that we are forced to partake in.

I would much rather have the individuals that live in our country become so educated on the subject of freedom that we all band together to ignore the State. When you reject to being ruled then there are no such things as rulers.

But we must understand that this is not an idea that screams of efficacy.

What we must understand is that we must use the State apparatus ONLY to reduce the amount of fingers that are clenched around our throats.

We must take away as much of the State as possible.

In this sense we are forced to use the apparatus to become free. But with the use of this apparatus we must consciously make decisions that are going to be the best for not only ourselves but for everyone else as well. From a business point of view you would try to make the best product for consumers that will also bring you profit, so that everyone involved wins and no one loses.

What is our principle that can never be broken though? What is the ideas that we must cherish ever so dearly so that we are not, for even the slightest moment, to stray away from?

These are still the basic axioms of self-ownership and a extension of that the Non Aggression Principle.

So in whichever way you attempt to eliminate the State or simply bring it down as much as possible. Never compromise your principle to meet some kind of end. As Murray Rothbard has said it "Don't compromise for a new tax to eliminate another tax." as you are still expanding the powers of the State. Instead only do what you can to become more free and never choose to become less free in someway in attempt to be more free in another way.

Freedom will win in the end but what will you do to help mitigate the bumps?

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