Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guns and the law

Although it is truly sad what happened in Colorado the lives that are gone will have truly been wasted if we don't learn from those that were in attendace. We must realize that there are bad people out there that want to inflict harm on others. You cannot blame the methods used to cause the harm but must blame only the harmer. Take this incident as a reason to arm yourself and train yourself to be able to defend yourself, loved ones, and innocent people. Gun free zones are not safe havens they attract shootings since it's well known that legally armed citizens cannot protect themselves there. I posted this on my Facebook page after the tragedy and received support. But now as the days go on we have seen increasingly more articles calling for more gun control. To their credit most are not calling for complete destruction of gun rights but merely more control on high capacity rifles and magazines since there is no "legitimate reason" to own such things. They forget that as free people we should have the ability to purchase whatever merely because we want to. But not going to deep into that argument I provide an irony in their logic. Most of these people, with their political ideologies, believe that drug laws are detrimental to society because non-violent people are criminalized and drugs are still widely available despite the complete restriction of drugs by the federal government. I agree completely with them to this point and that it isn't the governments job to regulate what you put in your body as long as you don't hurt someone else. By the very same token the irony protrudes because even with stricter gun laws or abolishing gun rights all together people will still get their hands on weapons, non-violent people will be criminalized for merely possessing an object, it's again not the governments job to tell me what I can own, and criminals will be able to attack more easily when there's no way for the citizenry to protect themselves. When seconds count the police are minutes away.

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