Sunday, July 22, 2012

True freedom?

One must always ask what is liberty and how can it fully be obtained? Through my research I have ultimately come to one single conclusion that cannot really be refuted without the use of some utilitarian and socialistic ideologies. The only way that we can ultimately be free is with through abolishing the State itself. No Constitution, regardless of how well written, can guarantee ultimate freedom as long as there is government that uses compulsion and coercion. Many of us believe (and I was guilty at one point) that government should be used to protect private property and contract, but it can only do so by having a non-natural monopoly of violence at the point of a gun. There's no greater meaning of "It's not the left vs the right it's the State vs you." because then in essence every justification of supporting statism, be it for the protection of property and contract, is a socialistic justification which morally I have to oppose. This is because in order to fund the government that should protect these things you must use compulsion and coercion. The state cannot possibly exist without stealing through taxation. Stealing is ALWAYS morally wrong and should never be justified even through the use of government. If we are to truly be free men and women we must live in a completely voluntary society with the absence of the state and its means of compulsion and coercion.

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