Monday, July 23, 2012

V for Voluntary, what is it?

Many of us liberty activists didn't quite start as libertarians. We belonged from the left and right a false paradigm which is the dichotomy most Americans live by, one choice or the other nothing else. We woke up, we saw the inconsistencies involved with both parties, we saw that both parties are one in the same, they were both about big government. We noticed our hard earned dollars were being taken from us for a welfare state from the left and for the military industrial complex from the right. Our own dedication and research led us to Dr. Ron Paul, one of the few that was trying to save us from big government. My own research and reading from the background that Dr. Ron Paul learned from of Austrian Economics and protection of civil liberties has led me down the path to Anarcho-Capitalism another word for Voluntarism. Before I go into these I'll first offer an explanation of what government itself is. Government is defined as the people who are in control of the state, the state itself is defined as what has the use of legitimate force over a certain territory.12 Murray Rothbard and Ludwig Von Mises have both called the state as what uses compulsion and coercion to enact policy, or they have the monopoly of violence over a certain territory. This is the definition I go by since the only legitimate use of force is when property is stolen or contract is violated leading to the theft of property. The state can never claim the legitimate use of force over a man because the state itself has nothing and cannot product anything, the only way the state exists is by being a parasite living off the productive citizenry. With the absence of the state there's no group that has the monopoly of violence, this is the society that Anarcho-Capitalists and Voluntarists believe in. There's different forms of anarchy that people believe in, the ones that us Voluntarists believe in is a state-less society with property rights. Property rights are established in a free society is done by the homesteading principle, where the first person to make use of natural resources like land owns that land and the exclusive right to keep it or sell it as he sees fit. This is based off the principle of self-ownership, where you own your body and by extension own the productive ability of your labor and by extension should have the moral right to own the natural resources to which you first produced something with your labor. The protection of these property rights when established is based off the Non Aggression Principle (NAP). NAP says that you should never aggress on someone elses property and they should never aggress on your property. If this happens the NAP is violated and now you have the ability to use legitimate force, although in a truly free society this is not to say that we advocate a wild west gun-slinging method to settle disputes because we believe in peace. If you'd like to know how a free society would settle disputes in a peaceful manner then leave a comment because it is not in the scope of this post.

The society is a voluntary society where all forms of interaction among individuals is done voluntarily i.e. without force. Many people believe that this system would be impossible to implement. But if we look at what we have here in America and around the world we can see that civil liberties and purchasing power of the citizens are always destroyed at the hands of the state. Do we want to be slaves to the government or do we want to be free people?

It's our choice to decide.

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