Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Talking to the right and left

As liberty activists we often find ourselves defending ourselves not only from those on the left but surprisingly even those on the right. Those on the left call us greedy and inhumane because we don't want to redistribute the wealth and want less regulations. Those on the right call us immoral and unpatriotic because we don't want to push our moral beliefs on others and despise the military industrial complex. We share many beliefs from both sides and these are usually the sides that the right and left have in difference. The differences that the right and left have are both one in the same in the terms that they both believe in big government to address these issues. As libertarians and anarcho-capitalists we completely are against big government in general. Why? As libertarians the Constitution gives certain abilities to the Federal Government and the rest to the States and the people. As anarcho-capitalists we object to the state in its entirety. But that's really beyond the point for this post since at hand we are trying to talk to the people on the left and the right and help them see the light like we did before we became libertarians. The biggest issue at hand is to shed light on the problems we have in our society. I will not argue that at the tip of the iceberg many of the things those on the right and the left see are truly problems, but the fail to see the monstrous mass of ice underneath. People see the rising costs of living, rising cost of college tuition, and the rising unemployment rate. They don't see what actually causes these things and how they've come to be, it's only seen at face value. People see terrorists wanting to attack us, drug abuse, and protests. And again they don't see what causes these things and how they've come to be. This is how we must talk to these people. We are educated people and we must make them question the things they see so that they can come to their own conclusions. Our greatest weapon in this movement is to light a fire and make people think. My biggest goal in this movement is to make people think about The Federal Reserve and what they have done to the money we are forced to use. We can do nothing as a people if we have nothing. With peace and freedom we can once again be prosperous people.

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