Monday, August 6, 2012

But what about the poor?

In a society where government intervention is rampant, like in America today, we see that the government is constantly "trying" to "help" the poor. Although I will whole heartedly say that the government has good intentions to protect the poor and help them I will note that their attempts have been futile at the very best. What we have in America today is a welfare state that has essentially kept the poor exactly that poor. We have minimum wages, rent control, and even worse forced unions. In a free society exactly how are the poor helped so they can have a better life? I will note that it is my goal to help everyone live a better life especially those who are poor. That is something I learned through my parents who constantly helped, voluntarily I'll note, those less fortunate than us that were in our family. I learned that I have a moral obligation to help people less fortunate than I am and this is without the use of the force that the State must enforce to "help" the poor. I will also state that the use of government control of the market in the forms of inflation, minimum wage laws, and rent controls in fact hurts the poor more than could ever make them better as well as the welfare state. As usual this is beyond the scope of this post but if you'd like me to expand on this please comment and I have no problem doing so. The scope of this post is to show how a true voluntary society could better help the poor than the State could ever wish to do so. In a voluntary society most believe that the poor would be completely helpless because they simply could not afford things. How will the poor afford protection, health care, emergency care, etc...? These are all straw man arguments that are based off the CURRENT situation. Basically since it is now hard for the poor to afford such things in our current system of statism where the government attempts to help it would be impossible for them to afford them without government. We must first understand why it is hard for the poor to afford such things in our current system and if it would be in the poor's best interest to live in a free society. Remember that us Voluntarist's idea of society is NOT a utopia by any means we just believe it to be a better society than what we have now. The poor would have much better access to those things we see as essential today for a few reasons. The first reason would be the abolishment of a central bank that has caused the value of all hard earned dollars to diminish at exponential rates. It would be a simple fact that what the poor earned would be far more worth in value what they are in the society we have today. Without government regulation of a completely free market we would see a much cheaper product with higher quality in all services that would be provided. This means that protection, health care, and emergency care plus more would be much more affordable to those with a lower income. The poor were adequately taken care of before the intervention of medicare and medicaid through the use of the voluntary choices of individuals who had a belief that is was a moral obligation to support charities. BUT TIMES ARE DIFFERENT they say people are more greedy than they ever were before. What must be realized is that the bulk of charity is NOT given by the wealthiest but by an accumulation of the middle class who far out give than the rich. We do not need the State to force charity, what we need is moral people voluntarily giving to help those less fortunate. Anything more than that is theft through taxation and can never morally be justified.

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