Monday, August 20, 2012

Living free with a cage around you.

Although I'm a hopeful man I'm also not blinded by my hopes. I realize the State most likely will not dissolve overnight nor will it dissolve anytime soon. It will take very extreme measures for people to realize the evils of the State and even farther for people to want to abolish it and live completely free.

So how do those of us that are Voluntarists/Anarcho-Capitalists live the philosophy that we have? I definitely try to follow the adage of "Live your Philosophy".

Our philosophy stems from the premise of non-aggression and the non-initiation of force.

What can this really mean in a society where aggression and the initiation of force is at every corner? Taxes are levied for whatever reason at the expense of the people, property is not true property, and people's money is at the hand of big banksters.

My first message is to always spread the message. This is the biggest anti-state thing we can do to the State.

People would probably also expect for me to state that you should never enjoy a job that pays through the use of taxes. I don't really align with this premise and believe in what Murray Rothbard had to say about the topic. To sum it up he said you can have these jobs and be morally okay to do the job as long as your position is in reduction of the State. Ron Paul doesn't defy voluntarist ideology because he's a politician, he's perfectly in line with our ideas because overall his goal is to reduce the State. A policeman could be in line with these ideas as well as long as his goal is to only keep peace and not arrest people for victimless crimes which is there personal choice.

I believe the next idea is to be more self-sufficient. I would NOT argue that you should be 100% self-sufficient unless you completely wanted to. Remember that the division of labor is what got us out of the cavemen days to how we are now. Buy from those who do NOT use the State to give them an edge in the market. This companies could be local or even large companies.

One of the most important things I'd like to say is that we should all strive to trade our dollars for goods that hold value long term. Gold and silver are typically the best commodities for this and have been for centuries. Realize that this is not an investment or a way to make quick buck. Having your reserves in gold and silver is the only true way to save as inflation is killing the value of dollars over time.

START READING!! The only way to be a truly free individual is to be knowledgeable.

The last thing I can think of is civil disobedience. This is something that I don't personally do but make it my goal to support those that do as much as I can. Ultimately this is your choice but you risk your very livelihood in the process. I believe we do a lot more good by teaching than jail time. I like to do things that won't get me arrested but aren't seen very much. Like open carry my revolver as often as I can. Not to cause a disturbance or get people scared but to show that I am a free man and I should be free to do what I want as long as I don't hurt anyone.

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