Thursday, August 16, 2012

Illegal immigration in a free society?

It's definitely a fact that immigration policy is of enormous concern to the citizens in America. The right wants to stop illegal immigration and the left wants to not criminalize it. It seems that we can't seem to understand that these immigrants are human beings. We must look at what causes immigration to our country in the first place in the positive respect and in the negative. At the positive side people will come from a bad economy to a better economy in order to obtain a better life. This isn't so much true anymore at least for America because we have net emigration, more people leaving the country than coming into it. So although there ARE people coming here to benefit their lives or of the lives of their family there are people coming here for negative reasons. Many come here for the ability to be a leech on the welfare state, just like OTHER Americans who are doing the same thing. If we have a problem with people coming over here to leech off the system we should have a problem with those who are born here and doing the same thing. Eliminate the welfare state and there won't be an incentive to leech off of a system but an incentive to work like everyone else and earn your living. The other problem people have with immigrants is that some of them are criminals. Some of them are thiefs, drug dealers, and other things that are involved with crime. But there are the same kind of criminals already here and no amount of government can prevent criminals from being criminals. Sure those that go through the "legal" process are at a disadvantage because they have to spend a lot of time and money to the State for the privilege to enter. I blame the horrible process that people must go through that keeps out the poor and only helps the privileged.

But what exactly is immigration in a free society? Can there be illegal immigration in a free society?

In a free society people would be travelling on private property at all times. Immigration would simply be people travelling from a non-free nation to the free society and wanting to settle there. I'd like to believe that the economy of our free society would be so much better than all other nation-states that people would be constantly flocking to our free society for a better life. There would be no such thing as illegal immigration because there would be no state stopping people from freely entering other peoples private property. But what if people with private property didn't want to let people come in? Sure that's a reasonable assumption but not one that would be based on any reasonable logic. It would be in our best interest to allow people in and out freely as the market dictates so that we could further make our economy more efficient, prices lower, and the quality of our products higher. Restricting travel doesn't make any economic sense so there's no reason to believe that would be the norm. A free society allows all human beings to travel where they please to do whatever they please. Only a free society can morally adapt to people migrating from one area to another.

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